Episode 1 – Marie Dotts – Learning to Flow From Center

Marie interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Starting as a teenager, Marie has been on a lifelong journey to answer the questions, “Who and what am I really?” and “How do I flow from that truer center within myself?”  In this interview, she shares how that process has unfolded for her over the years, and how her two current practices support her in her ever deepening journey.

Marie has studied and taught Tai Chi Chih for over 17 years.  Even from the moment she walked into her first class, she recognized Tai Chi Chih as home for her.  That recognition helped carry her through her resistance to the practice, including panic attacks as she started to move energy down into her body.  Tai Chi Chih is not just a practice Marie does now.  She lives the principles every day in all areas of her life.

She experienced that same moment of recognition when she first read the teachings of H.A. Almaas.  For the last five years, she has been studying the Diamond Approach, the inner work path created by Almaas that is grounded in psychology and self-awareness and dedicated to the development of the Human Essence.

Marie is passionate about both of these practices, finding the support for her lifelong quest to learn how to find what is true in her and flow from that center all the time.

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In this interview, Marie shares:

  • The lifelong question that has been constant through her evolution using different practices.
  • How practicing Tai Chi Chih helped her integrate her body, mind and spirit.
  • How finding effortless flow usually starts with a lot of efforting and how to find that place of effortless effort.
  • That she doesn’t do the full Tai Chi Chih practice every day but how she lives the principles of Tai Chi Chih continuously.
  • How her study of the Diamond Approach has given her a deeper understanding of our psychological and spiritual blocks.
  • The three main daily practices of the Diamond Approach to overcome these blocks.
  • The difference between true strength and false strength, and how to cultivate true strength.
  • How Tai Chi Chih and the Diamond Approach explore the same principles in different ways.
  • Why the effort at the beginning of a practice is so worth it.

Resources from Marie:

  • website – includes information about her Tai Chi Chih classes in Northern Colorado as well as her Tai Chi Chih Retreat with Pam Towne in Estes Park, CO – October 17-19, 2014

Other Resources Shared in this Interview:

  • Tai Chi Chih
  • Diamond Approach
  • “With the passing of every month and every year, I perform the sequence more slowly.  I have to in order to accommodate the growing content.”  Margy Emerson – A Potter’s Notes on Tai Chi Chih
  • Tai Chi Journey – John Lash – Marie referred to this book when she was talking about being present cutting vegetables but did not quote it directly.

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