Episode 12 – Megan Potter – The Beauty of a Dynamic Morning Practice

Megan Potter interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Ten years ago, Megan Potter created her own daily morning practice in a very simple way – making a cup of tea, sitting in her favorite chair and watching the birds outside her window.  She was never good at doing the same thing every day, and she used that to her advantage to create the perfect morning practice for her.

While she has settled on a few elements to help her enter into her practice time (like lighting incense and candles), her practice changes every day depending on how she’s feeling and what she’s needing.  It’s always about connecting to her center and finding what she needs most to best support herself for that day.

And she is totally open to what comes up – go for a walk, sit in meditation, read a book, have a bath, skip work for the day.  She keeps her practice vital and alive by allowing it to live and breath and express itself differently every day.

Megan shares about her beautiful, dynamic practice; her flexible and graceful perspective on practice; and how to start a similar practice for yourself.

In this interview, Megan shares:

  • how her background as a Christian influenced her daily morning practice.
  • her intention for her daily practice.
  • why it’s worth it to her to invest energy every day in choosing a different practice rather than automatically doing the same thing every day.
  • the kind of life she wants to live and how her practice helps her do that.
  • the value of missing a day of practice.
  • her recommendation to start with a daily practice from a tradition you’ve followed before even if you don’t follow it now.
  • the key questions she asks herself every day.
  • how daily practice can be like pumping a hand pump.
  • her most important advice about practice.

The Interview

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