Episode 13 – Stevie Puckett – A Continuous Practice of Intuition

Stevie Puckett interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Stevie was already kind of doing it her whole life.  She would get some unexpected insight and share it.  Lo and behold, it would be right.  She wasn’t trying to connect to her intuition – it just came naturally.

Over time, she noticed another part of herself – the one that liked to analyze things and solve problems.  It said it was sensible, rational and important (at least in its own opinion).  But Stevie noticed when she was connected to that part, she didn’t really feel her best.  She felt pessimistic, worried, and anxious.  She preferred to be connected to her more intuitive self.  She felt lighter, clearer and more flowing in that place.

She set out to find how to feel good all the time by staying connected to that intuitive self.  She challenged herself to stay connected to her intuition 24/7 (or as much as she could manage).  As she practiced, it got easier and easier until it is just what she lives now.

Stevie shares the different threads of how her practice developed over time, how her life has changed, and how her practice has positively affected the people around her.

In this interview, Stevie shares:

  • how she feels when she is connected to her intuition.
  • the different emotional qualities of her intuitive self vs. her rational self.
  • how time alone helped her find a deeper level to her practice.
  • why she practices primarily for her own benefit (although others around her do benefit as well).
  • the insight she got about advice she was intuitively guided to give other people.
  • how her intuition talks to her when it is giving her guidance about her diet.
  • why she stopped making to do lists and grocery lists.
  • how her morning routine with her kids has gotten better because of her practice.

The Interview

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The Practice – A Mini-Meditation to See The Difference Between Calm Mind and Mental Chatter

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Resources to Connect with Stevie:

  • Stevie’s website – www.sparkspress.com
  • Stevie on Twitter
  • Stevie’s podcast Sparks Cast in iTunes – NOTE: Stevie stopped publishing her podcast after the interview was recorded.

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Do you feel connected to your intuition?  Do you feel inspired to connect to your intuitive self more deeply after hearing Stevie’s experience?    I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below. 

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