Episode 14 – Sharon Alexander – The Evolution of a Yoga Practice

Sharon Alexander interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

In 1990, Sharon and a friend decided to take a yoga class  at the local recreation center.  Sharon was always very physical (skiing, running, biking), and yoga was another interesting physical challenge to explore.

She ended up finding so much more than a physical practice.  She studied Anusara yoga when she wanted to explore a more feminine path.  She studied yoga therapy when she was called to work one-on-one with people to support them in finding and using the yoga practices that were best for them..

As she continued to evolve, so did her yoga practice.  She started to be drawn to the more contemplative aspects of yoga and was moved to study in the Kripalu School.  Most recently, she has studied yoga nidra to open up to the meditative yoga practices.

Sharon beautifully shares her story of how her yoga practice for the last 24 years has been an ever evolving series of shifts and explorations and openings for her.  Be sure to try her yoga nidra practice to connect to your heart’s desire.

In this interview, Sharon shares:

  • the shift in her yoga practice as you searched for a more feminine point of view
  • the two different yoga lineages she was called to explore
  • the difference between doing yoga and yoga therapy
  • how her yoga practice has helped her evolve her parenting as her children have grown up
  • how she customizes her practice every day to what she’s feeling and needing
  • different approaches to start a yoga practice
  • where she is now in the evolution of her yoga practice

The Interview

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The Practice – Yoga Nidra to Connect to Your Heart’s Desire

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Resources to Connect with Sharon:

Other Resources Shared in this Interview:

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Do you have a yoga practice (or any other practice) that had evolved over time?  Does hearing Sharon’s story inspire you to look at your own practice in a different way?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below. 

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  • Well done – was fascinating to hear about your journey and reassuring, I think, to hear about your longer view and acceptance of all the stages of life (and how different yoga fits in with different circumstances). Namaste!

    • Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you enjoyed Sharon’s interview. I loved hearing how her experience has changed over time, and how she helps people find the practices that are just right for them.



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