Episode 17 – Everett Young – Guitar as a Daily Practice

Everett Young interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Everett had always wanted to be a professional guitarist.  He played the piano professionally, and recorded an album, but there was always the dream of being a guitarist.  His musical career as a pianist stalled out and at the age of 31, he decided to get a Ph.D in political psychology and become a college professor.

The guitar dream never quite went away.  He got his Ph.D., and set out on his academic career.  Four years ago at the age of 41, he took a temporary teaching position away from his family.  With the extra time he had, he decided to take up the guitar again.  He did practice more, but still not every day.  But he went through a significant shift – he started thinking of himself as a guitarist.

When he got home, he started practicing every day, sometimes up to 6 hours.  He formed a band, recorded an album and started playing gigs.  He credits his ability to becoming a professional guitarist to his daily practice.  Even though he was uneven and inconsistent at first, he kept coming back to it and is now living his dream.

Everett continues to use daily practice to grow and expand as a guitarist, as well as teaches other adults how to do the same thing.

In this interview, Everett shares:

  • the one person who helped him most to create a consistent guitar practice
  • his shift from looking at his goal to focusing on what he does every day
  • how he finds joy and meaning with every place on his journey
  • how his commitment grew and developed over time
  • the problem with comparison for anyone developing a new skill
  • a detailed look inside his experience of practicing – how he does it and what he focuses on
  • what happens on days his practice isn’t so enjoyable
  • the difference between motivation and commitment and why that’s important
  • why he says he’s on a guitar adventure and how that helps him keep going

The Interview

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The Practice – Breaking Down a Guitar Practice

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Do you have dreams of taking up an musical instrument as an adult?  Or maybe you already have?  Did you learn anything from hearing how Everett approaches his practice?    I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below. 

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