Episode 18 – Anne Hayman – Creating a Spiritual Retreat

Anne Hayman interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Anne has a strong personal daily practice.  She’s been experimenting with different practices since she was a teenager, often without even knowing that was what she was doing. Today, she blends together many practices throughout her day, feeling into what she needs and then choosing a practice to best support herself in the moment.

But there are times when she wants to go deeper, to take more time and space to reflect, get quiet, and dive deeper than she can during her day-to-day life.  Then she creates a spiritual retreat for herself.  By consciously creating extended time and space for herself, she is able to open up and find new levels of connection and healing.

Sometimes, these retreats are joyful and light and energizing.  Sometimes, they are painful and tiring and deeply healing.  They are always incredibly valuable, taking Anne into places she can’t always reach in her regular life.

Anne shares her whole daily practice journey, how she creates her own spiritual retreats, and her best advice for you to create your own spiritual retreat.

In this interview, Anne shares:

  • what she learned from taking a spontaneous vow of silence as a teenager
  • the practice she always does to get centered before she starts to work
  • the elements she likes to include in her spiritual retreats
  • how to have a spiritual retreat at home with other people around
  • how she felt awful during her most recent retreat and all the benefits she got from it
  • the variety of experiences she has had on her spiritual retreats
  • how even three hours alone can be a spiritual retreat
  • her recommendations to do a spiritual retreat of your own

The Interview

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The Practice – Grounding and Balancing the Root Chakra

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Resources to Connect with Anne:

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Have you ever done your own spiritual retreat?  Do you want to try one after hearing Anne’s story? I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below. 

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  • Inspiring! Love the idea of taking time out for Self vs. service… And hearing from another person who is willing to live in the moment, in the flow with intuition as guide vs. relying on structure and/or being told what to do for her practice. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon!

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I love Anne sharing that she creates the amount of structure that work for her, but often follows her intuition moment by moment.



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