Episode 25 – Peggy Freeh – 6 Insights from the First 24 Interviews

Peggy started Simple Daily Practice Radio as a way to talk about daily practice by having people share their stories of their own daily practices.  After 24 interviews, she wanted to share 6 insights she’s received from these interviews.

Here is an overview of the 6 insights.  For more details for each insight, listen to the episode below.  Whenever a specific person was mentioned as an example for an insight, a link to their full interview is included if you want to listen to their full story.

Insight #1 – Follow Your Inspiration

  • Marie Dotts – walking into a tai chi class and feeling a sense of coming home
  • Claire Hayes – experiencing EFT and knowing it would help her deal with difficulties she was having with her daughter
  • Everett Young – reconnecting with his lifelong dream of becoming a professional guitar player

Insight #2 – Start Small and Simple

  • Elena Lipson – setting her alarm 10 minutes earlier and hit the snooze button every day
  • Megan Potter – making a cup of tea and drinking it in her favorite chair
  • Natanya Lara – focusing on one thing she was grateful for before she got out of bed

Insight #3 – You Don’t Have to Be As Consistent As You Think

  • Jen Trulson – stopping her morning practice for weeks or months
  • Everett Young – growing a commitment
  • Elsie Escobar – varying her morning practice depending on the needs of her young daughters.
  • Cara Gubbins – missing a few days of her practice when her son was sick

Insight #4 – Be Flexible

  • Kirk Bowers – playing piano for 30 minutes every morning
  • Hailey Terrell – creating her own custom chakra meditation
  • Sharon Alexander – customizing her daily choice of combination of Ayurvedic self-care practices, meditation and yoga
  • Melani Marx – developing and changing her practice over time
  • Alexia Leachman – experimenting with many different practices until she found her  breakthrough practices

Insight #5 – Choose a Structure that Works for You

Insight #6 – It’s So Worth It

  • Heather Chauvin didn’t think she knew how to live until she had a daily practice
  • Kamali Minter finally felt like she was living her own life rather than the life that was handed to her by her parents and society.
  • Alexia Leachman couldn’t even relate to how she was before she started her daily practice, that it felt like a whole different life to her.
  • Jen Trulson said it brought her back to herself and allowed her to live every day from a more loving place.

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