Episode 26 – Ana Goncalves – The Healing Practice of Gratitude

Ana Goncalves interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Ana was severely depressed as a teenager.  She didn’t believe anyone loved her and that people were just out to get each other.  She felt disconnected and unfulfilled.

She found herself writing lists of what she was grateful for.  She focused on what she was grateful for in herself, really allowing herself to savor her own positive qualities she would normally overlook.

And as she wrote, it felt like a huge load dropped away from her.  She felt deep love and connection.  The world took on a different meaning, and she realized that she had a purpose.

Ana has continued to expand her gratitude practice to her whole life now.  She shares her powerful story, how she walks in the world in gratitude, and how she has found deep appreciation for all the experiences of her life.

In this interview, Ana shares:

  • her first gratitude practice.
  • why gratitude for yourself isn’t egocentric, it’s necessary.
  • what it’s like for her to ride the bus now.
  • the painful experiences she had as a teenager.
  • what she learned from those experiences and how she can be greatful for them now.
  • her best advice to start your own gratitude practice.
  • how gratitude has changed how she sees other people.

The Interview

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The Practice – Morning Renewal Meditation

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Resources to Connect with Ana:

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Do you practice gratitude now?  How has it changed your life?  If not, are you curious to start now?   I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below. 

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