Episode 27 – Laurie Hawley – Reconnecting Through Nature

Laurie Hawley interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Laurie went through a series of losses.  She withdrew from the world, isolating herself more and more. She continued to study with many different teachers, but she became more reclusive and isolated.

She eventually saw how disconnected she was, from the world around her and from herself.  She drew all on she had studied, and created a morning mindfulness practice.  The core of the practice was going outside every day to the same spot and sitting there for at least 20 minutes.

But sitting for at least 20 minutes was not Laurie’s problem.  She loved sitting there so much that she had to set an alarm to remind her to go in, sometimes sitting as long as 2 hours.  Her feeling of connection was coming back, bringing her to tears every day for the first two years.

Laurie shares in beautiful detail how she practices today, the teachers that have influenced her the most, and the deep connection she has regained with herself and the world around her.

In this interview, Laurie shares:

  • all the different sources of her current practice
  • a detailed walkthrough of what she does every day
  • how she has changed her practice over time
  • how her practice influences her life and how her life influences her practice
  • how she looks for messages during her practice time
  • structuring the first part of her practice to allow her to go deeper in the second part
  • her best advice to start a practice like this

The Interview

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Resources to Connect with Laurie:

Other Resources Shared in this Interview:

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