Episode 34 – Catarina Andrade – Practicing Laughter Yoga

Catarina Andrade interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Catarina had been practicing Kundalini yoga and loving it.  It helped her feel more grounded and calm.  But she noticed that it wasn’t helping her feel more energized or joyful.  And while she liked doing the meditation at the end of the Kundalini yoga class, she found it wasn’t something she liked doing on her own.

She learned about laughter yoga while Googling for information on kids’ yoga.  She had been facing some challenging times in the her life, and she was so intrigued with the idea of just laughing that that she signed up for a weekend teacher training as her first experience.

It was an intense and amazing experience for her.  She was able to tap into that joyful side of herself that she had lost touch with.  She has since found many different ways to include laughter yoga into her day as well as share it with other people in her life.

Listen to Catarina’s story of what it’s like to practice laughter yoga, how she integrates it into her life and all the different benefits she has received from this practice.

In this interview, Catarina shares:

  • how she practices laughter yoga while doing other things (like driving or drying her hair)
  • how we can feel inhibited in our ability to laugh freely and easily
  • the number of times children laugh every day vs. the number of times adults laugh every day
  • the advantages of practicing live with other people
  • the variety of benefits people experience from doing laughter yoga
  • her surprising reaction to her first laughter yoga workshop experience
  • what it’s like for her to go to a comedy club now
  • how her experience of sitting meditation has shifted since she started practicing laughter yoga

The Interview

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Have  you ever tried laughter yoga?  Are you interested in trying it after hearing about Catarina’s experience?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.

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  • Love this! I have always wanted to go to a laughing yoga class… booking one now.

    • That’s great, Andy.

      Were you able to find one close to you?



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