Episode 36 – Andy Hayes – Finding His Life’s Work with Daily Practices

Andy Hayes interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

On one hand, Andy’s life looked great.  He had a great job abroad developing software.  But after two acquisitions, the work environment turned toxic and he knew he had to get out.  He started journaling, and connected with a new vision for his life.

He knew he wanted to work at home and spend time writing, but he couldn’t connect to what his core message was.  About a year after he left his job, his mom died of cancer.  Andy reflected on her life and death, and found the message he most wanted to share – making moments matter.

While that insight helped him focus, he was still floundering, trying to create a successful business based on his inspiration.  He started meditating every day, and it helped him find the focus and clarity he needed to move forward.

Listen to Andy’s story of how he went from working in a toxic environment to building a life affirming business, how his mother inspired his big vision, and all the practices that have supported him on his journey.

In this interview, Andy shares:

  • how he left his toxic work environment
  • the powerful journaling exercise that completely changed his perspective
  • how The Artist’s Way supported him as he was transitioning to start his new business
  • how his mom spent the last week of her life and what that meant to Andy
  • some of his special memories of growing up with his mom
  • how he found the rallying cry for his business
  • the event that inspired him to start meditating
  • how he thinks of his daily practices like the entryway to his house
  • his one word advice for starting a daily practice

 The Interview

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Are you struggling in a difficult work situation now?  Did you get any inspiration to find a daily practice to support yourself?  Or have you used daily practices to help you find and follow your lfes’ work?   I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.

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