Episode 44 – Heather Strang – From Healing Crisis to Spiritual Path

Heather Strang interview on Simple Daily Practise Podcast

Heather couldn’t find a way to heal from a cystic tumor on her ovary.  She had it surgically removed, but her symptoms still persisted.  She tried alternative medicine, and she still had no relief.

She met a woman who had been to see John of God, a healer in Brazil who channels the spirits of past doctors and saints.  Immediately, Heather knew she had to go.  She spent over two weeks in Brazil.  By the time she left, her physical symptoms were gone.

And she had started on her spiritual path.  She began meditating regularly, moved to Hawaii and wrote her first book.  As she continued on her path, she found daily practices were a vital part of her exploration and expansion.

Listen to Heather’s story of how she found and followed her spiritual path, the practices she has used along the way, and how she now helps others to find their own paths as well.  Be sure to listen to the guided meditation she shares to activate your destiny in 2015 (the link is below).

In this interview, Heather shares:

  • the details of her first experience with John of God
  • how her life shifted after that experience
  • her favorite practice to hone in and enhance her intuition
  • the questions Heather asks herself every day as part of her daily practice
  • the details of her second visit with John of God
  • her current morning practices
  • what happens when she guided to make changes in her practices
  • the one non negotiable practice for her
  • a description of her guided meditation to activate your destiny in 2015

The Interview

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Resources to Connect with Heather:

Other Resources Shared in this Interview:

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Have your daily practices helped you follow your spiritual path?  If not, does Heather’s story make you curious about the possibilities?   I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.


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  • Hi Peggy.. I very much enjoyed your interview with Heather. I use the same angel cards for thoughts to meditate on. My life has been hectic lately and hearing the interview was just what I needed to slow down. My thanks and blessings to both of you…Theresa

    • You are so welcome, Theresa!
      It’s so easy to get busy and not even notice. I’m glad the interview helped you reconnect to that part that needs some more time and space to relax.

  • While I enjoyed the call, I have to say, Heather must have unlimited funds, which is awesome for her! Unfortunately, the fact is, most of us can’t afford to quit working, go off to Brazil whenever we like, move to Hawaii and the Oregon coast, and spend most of the day walking the beach, meditating and writing. I’m not saying we can’t take away some good ideas from the call, but I would love to hear you do a call with someone who is more relatable. Someone who is perhaps a mom, works, married, or single, doesn’t really have a lot of income, or free time, may have cancer or some kind of life-threatening disease, or is a caregiver for someone who does. I’m looking forward to hearing a call like that.

    • Hi Robin!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you were able to get some good takeaways from Heather’s episode.

      When I started the podcast, one of my goals was to include people who have had a wide variety of experiences. We all have ideas of what it means to have a daily practice, and I want to open people up to all the possibilities. Unfortunately, that means that not all the guests will be relatable for everyone.

      That said, I have definitely interviewed people like you describe. Laurie Foley shared about a prayer practice she created while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Heather Chauvin also talked about her experience of her daily practices while being treated for cancer.

      And as for working moms, Elena Lipson, Natanya Lara and Kelly Pietrangeli all shared their experiences with finding a way to fit daily practice into their busy lives.

      I hope you get a chance to listen to some of these other interviews, and I’d love to know if you found anything of value in them.


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