Episode 49 – Patsie Smith – Embracing Many Forms of Meditation

Patsie Smith Interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

At the age of 20, Patsie was so depressed, she took an overdose of painkillers.  She ended up in the hospital, floating in and out of conscious.  During that time, she connected with something that astonished her – a profound sense of total peace and love, beyond thought.

After she left the hospital, that peace was only a memory, so she started to explore meditation to find her way back to it.  The first place she found it was practicing chi kung.  She was able to let go of her mind and find that peace again.

She explored other practices – visualizations, yoga, breath work – and was able to connect with and maintain that sense of peace throughout her day. She continued to explore other forms of meditation and find other benefits even beyond that sense of peace. She was able to disconnect from her thoughts and deeply connect with who she truly is.

Today, Patsie has an amazing collection of meditation techniques she draws on every day as she needs to keep connected to her moment by moment experience and her soul.  Listen to her story of all the techniques she’s used and the different benefits she has found with each one.

In this interview, Patsie shares:

  • how she continued her practice when she had children
  • how she experiences that sense of peace in her body
  • the type of Buddhist meditation she used to disengage from her thoughts
  • her experience working with Zen koans
  • how her search has ended AND another journey has begun
  • why her whole life feels like meditation now (and why she still meditates every morning)
  • her favorite mantras and when she finds them most helpful
  • her best advice to get started with a meditation practice
  • the rewards of meditation practice beyond more calm and peace

The Interview

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Do you use multiple forms of meditation?  If so, how does each one benefit you?  If not, are you interested in trying some other forms after hearing Patsie’s story?    I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.


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