Episode 51 – Áine Mac Dermott – Resonating with Primordial Sound Meditation

Áine Mac Dermott on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Áine Mac Dermott had been on a spiritual journey for a long time.  She had a sense that she wanted to meditate, but she hadn’t worked out the details.  She would try sometimes, going into her bedroom after work and tuning in, but she never found anything she would stick with.

She went to a week long class at the Chopra Center, and learned Primordial Sound Meditation.  She was given a mantra to repeat to herself, and practiced during the week of the retreat.  In just that week, she could tell that she resonated with this meditation.

When she got home, she continued to meditate every day.  She felt the shifts in her experience.  Other people noticed changes in her, and she was able to connect in a deeper, more energetic way with her interior design clients.

Listen to Áine’s story of how she learned Primordial Sound Meditation, what that experience was like for her and the shifts she’s experienced from her practice.

In this interview, Áine shares:

  • the important shift in her understanding about how to work with a mantra meditation
  • the feedback she got from other people about how she changed after she started meditating
  • how her work in the world is supported by her meditation practice
  • what happens when she tries to force something to happen now
  • her best advice to start a practice like hers
  • the visual component she added to her practice to help her focus
  • what it feels like to carry her practice in her body throughout her day

The Interview

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Have you ever tried Primordial Sound Meditation?  If you have, what were your experiences like?  If not, are you interested in trying it now after hearing Áine’s experience?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.


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  • Awesome interview! This time with Aine was both a beautiful and helpful reflection of my experience with meditation. It reminds me that each of us finds our own access point (however it’s “packaged”) through a gift of grace when we’re ready. I am so grateful that people like Aine (and like you, Peggy) are willing to share their own experience with the world. It’s a great gift. Thank you.

    • Hi Nadine!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I love thinking of it as an access point, and I agree that it comes as exactly the right time. You can’t make it happen. Thank you for sharing your experience, too!



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