Episode 54 – Lizzy Hurwitz – Building Courage with Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Lizzy Hurwitz on Simple Daily Practice Radio

When Lizzy’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal illness, it turned the family upside down.  They had to learn how to care for him during his 12 year illness and ultimate death.  They also had to learn how to take care of themselves with all these new and unexpected responsibilities.

At that point, Lizzy had already been meditating for 25 years.  She had teachers she loved and respected, but something was still missing for her.  She had yet to find a practice where she could freely share all aspects of herself.

She connected with a Tibetan Buddhist lama.  He had been born in Tibet in 1939, and studied with many of the teachers who tutored the current Dalai Lama.  He was funny and open, and he helped her deepen and broaden her meditative practices.

Listen to Lizzy’s story of what it had been like to study with this lama for the last 22 years and  how the practices she does have helped her find the courage to work with people facing death and their caregivers.

In this interview, Lizzy shares:

  • all the amazing teachers she has studied with over the last 36 years
  • how her Tibetan teacher learned English after coming to the US
  • what she learned from her teacher’s expression “Not too tight, not too loose”
  • what analytical meditation is and how she does it
  • what she’s learned from recently starting an Ashtanga Yoga practice
  • her advice on evaluating a new practice for yourself

The Interview

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Resources to Connect with Lizzy:

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