Episode 58 – Nicole Liloia – Exploring the Many Forms of Journaling

Nicole Liloia on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Nicole Liloia was given a beautiful travel journal just before a two month trip to Venezuela.  She had just quit a stressful job, and it gave her a chance to step back and reassess her life.

She didn’t continue journaling at home, but picked up the habit again a few years later.  She started with simple things – tracking new habits she wanted to develop and noticing meaningful moments in her day.  Journaling helped her keep to her new habits, and made her more aware of all the good things in her life.

She developed a daily writing habit, and continued to explore different possibilities for her journaling.  Sometimes she came up with ideas she wanted to share in her business.  Sometimes she wrote mantras over and over again.  Sometimes she used journaling prompts to dive deeper and see aspects of her life she had been avoiding.

Listen to Nicole’s story of all the ways she has explored journaling, the many benefits she has seen from her practice, and her best advice to start a journaling practice of your own.

In this interview, Nicole shares:

  • her favorite website to help you develop a daily journaling practice
  • why she doesn’t have a particular structure for her journaling practice
  • why she created her book of journaling prompts and what she got out of doing the process for herself
  • why it’s good to feel uncomfortable when you are journaling sometimes
  • how journaling has helped her build her business and changed her life
  • how journaling supported her during a month long trip to Costa Rica

The Interview

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How do you journal?  Is it always the same, or do you vary it like Nicole?  If not, are you inspired to start now?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please share in the comments below.

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