Simple Daily Practice Radio

Peggy Freeh interviews inspiring people who have experienced amazing personal transformations doing simple, mindful activities every day.  

Sometimes, it’s the kind of thing you might expect, like yoga, meditation, or journaling. Sometimes, it’s not, like photography, writing or even listening to podcasts (yes, that can be a practice)!

Every person has experienced a profound shift in their life, all starting with just a few minutes a day.

NOTE: I stopped producing the show in June 2015, but I wanted to keep the interviews available.  I found each and every guest inspiring, and I hope you do, too!


Episode 60 – Glenn Younger – Connecting with Her Divine Soul

Glenn Younger on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Glenn had been on a spiritual path for a long time.  She started meditating in college with her roommate.  She studied with amazing teachers, learning to trust her intuition more and more. She found herself letting go over and over again.  She let go of control and listened more to her inner guidance.  She let Read More

Episode 59 – Toni Fraser Brennand – Meditation Before, During and After Pregnancy

Toni Fraser Brennand on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Toni just kind of fell into meditating. Her husband had learned to meditate and his teacher offered to teach Toni, too.  The benefits were fast, clear and almost too good to be true. She continued to study, and soon became a teacher as did her husband.  Her whole life shifted in many amazing ways.  And Read More

Episode 58 – Nicole Liloia – Exploring the Many Forms of Journaling

Nicole Liloia on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Nicole Liloia was given a beautiful travel journal just before a two month trip to Venezuela.  She had just quit a stressful job, and it gave her a chance to step back and reassess her life. She didn’t continue journaling at home, but picked up the habit again a few years later.  She started with Read More

Episode 57 – Alex Mill – From Zen Monk to Zen Life Coach

Alex Mill on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Alex followed his girlfriend and her friend into a new age bookstore (someplace he wouldn’t normally be caught dead in).  He felt called to pick up a book on Zen Buddhism and start reading.  He was amazed. The author was talking about all the things he was dealing with in his life.  He thought he Read More

Episode 56 – Amelía Aeon Karris – Spiritual Teacher and Entrepreneur

Amelía Aeon Karris on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Amelía was a busy, successful entrepreneur when she met a couple from Japan during a business event. She felt a strong connection to them, so when they asked if she’d like to meditate with them, she gave it a try. Because of the language barrier, they would mostly sit together in silence. Amelía wasn’t quite Read More

Episode 55 – Laura Licata – Bringing Forth Her Unlimited Potential with Chanting

Laura Licata on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Laura had just moved out of her parent’s house, and was feeling anxious and depressed.  On day, she heard her roommate chanting.  When she looked in, her roommate asked Laura to come in and join her.  Laura sat down and started chanting out loud with her roommate.  She immediately felt a rush of energy in Read More

Episode 54 – Lizzy Hurwitz – Building Courage with Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Lizzy Hurwitz on Simple Daily Practice Radio

When Lizzy’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal illness, it turned the family upside down.  They had to learn how to care for him during his 12 year illness and ultimate death.  They also had to learn how to take care of themselves with all these new and unexpected responsibilities. At that point, Lizzy had Read More

Episode 53 – Sky Kier – Finding Ease with Transcendental Meditation

Sky Kier on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Sky Kier was working hard in college.  He was a psychology/theater double major with plans to go to law school.  He would get up at 5:30 in the morning to run, determined to do whatever it took to be the best man he could be.  One of Sky’s professors recommended a course on Transcendental Meditation Read More

Episode 52 – Wendy Battino – Weaving Vipassana into Her Life

Wendy Battino on Simple Daily Practice Radio

As a young adult, Wendy Battino went backpacking in New Zealand.  She was intrigued when she met a group of people going to a 10 day retreat to learn Vipassana, so she decided to join them.  It was a powerful experience for her, and she left feeling very connected to the people and world around Read More

Episode 51 – Áine Mac Dermott – Resonating with Primordial Sound Meditation

Áine Mac Dermott on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Áine Mac Dermott had been on a spiritual journey for a long time.  She had a sense that she wanted to meditate, but she hadn’t worked out the details.  She would try sometimes, going into her bedroom after work and tuning in, but she never found anything she would stick with. She went to a Read More

Episode 50 – Peggy Freeh – A Passion for Daily Practice

Peggy Freeh on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Peggy had been a stay at home mom for 9 years.  She was at a breaking point, focusing all her time and energy on her kids and none on herself.  She signed up for a life coach training program, and threw herself their recommended daily practice to notice and dissolve her painful thoughts.  But after Read More

Episode 49 – Patsie Smith – Embracing Many Forms of Meditation

Patsie Smith Interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

At the age of 20, Patsie was so depressed, she took an overdose of painkillers.  She ended up in the hospital, floating in and out of conscious.  During that time, she connected with something that astonished her – a profound sense of total peace and love, beyond thought. After she left the hospital, that peace Read More

Episode 48 – Vivian Carrasco – A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Daily Practice

Vivian Carrasco Interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Vivian remembers the dark years.  Between moving, changing jobs, her husband retiring and her sons leaving home, her life was turned upside down.  She knew she needed to do something different so she decided to simply stop and pay more attention. She started with daily journaling, asking questions and listening for the answers.  She sat Read More

Episode 47 – Caren Baginski – Yoga and Meditation to Heal Depression

Caren Baginski Interview and Practice on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Caren had a long history of depression.  During college, she kept very busy and her depression was lessened.  After graduating, she got a new job, moved to a new city and started a new relationship. Even with all that, she had more time to stop and reflect and her depression came back.  One night, she Read More

Episode 46 – Sarahjoy Marsh – Yoga to Recover and Thrive

Sarahjoy Marsh Interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Sarahjoy’s first daily practices were not kind ones.  She compulsively weighed herself, obsessed about food, and exercised all the time.  Making art was her only escape from thinking about her body and food. She went on a solo backpacking trip.  She struggled up the trail with an overloaded backpack.  When she got above the treeline Read More

Episode 45 – Chel Hamilton – Practices to Get Off Autopilot

Chel Hamilton interview and practice on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Chel was a sensitive kid. For awhile, she ran away from that sensitivity.  In her 20s, she found herself getting into trouble – partying too much, staying up too late.  She ended up severely depressed and facing major panic attacks. She tried journaling and meditation, but they didn’t help.  What did help was a micro Read More

Episode 44 – Heather Strang – From Healing Crisis to Spiritual Path

Heather Strang interview on Simple Daily Practise Podcast

Heather couldn’t find a way to heal from a cystic tumor on her ovary.  She had it surgically removed, but her symptoms still persisted.  She tried alternative medicine, and she still had no relief. She met a woman who had been to see John of God, a healer in Brazil who channels the spirits of Read More

Episode 43 – Britt Nemeth – A Year Long Photography Practice

Britt Nemeth interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Britt Nemeth loves photography.  To her, it’s an ineffable and heart driven experience.  She strives to not just make pretty pictures, but to capture the essence of each particular person, place or thing she shoots. When she is taking photographs, she was deeply in that presence that makes photography so special for her.  But running Read More

Episode 42 – Pernille Norregaard – Writing as a Daily Practice

Pernille Norregaard interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Pernille has been writing professionally for 12 years, 7 years as her main job.  The writing came in fits and starts.  She would go through massive creative spurts and produce tons of work in no time.  And then she won’t write for a few weeks or a month.  Then she’d have another creative spurt. This Read More

Episode 41 – Jenn Hand – The Healing Power of Journaling

Jenn Hand interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Jenn Hand knew she had issues with anxiety and depression.  When she started seeing a therapist, she didn’t connect those issues to her difficulties with food.  She had been alternating between restricting and binging – crazy eating was just her everyday experience. Her therapist asked Jenn to start keeping a food journal – just what Read More

Episode 40 – Claudia Olivie – From Stressed Out to Blissed Out with Daily Practices

Claudia Olivie interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

In her early 20s, Claudia was going nonstop.  She was in college and working, regularly going two or three days without sleep.  Her body started breaking down and she got to the point where it took her 20 minutes to read one sentence. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and her life came to Read More

Episode 39 – Kelly Pietrangeli – Finding Time for Daily Practice

Kelly Pietrangeli interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Kelly didn’t really realize how important quiet time in the morning was to her.  Before she had children, she lived and worked in London and had at least an hour of quiet time to herself every morning. Even on the underground, she would have her eyes closed or bury herself deep in a book. Then Read More

Episode 38 – Bailey Frumen – The Interplay of Morning and Evening Practices

Bailey Frumen interview on Simple Daily Practice Radio

Bailey started with a twice weekly yoga practice.  She was dedicated to it, because she needed it to survive her busy life as a burnt out therapist working 70 hour a week. She wanted to shift her business from working in person to working with people online.  As she shifted her business, she reevaluated everything Read More

Episode 37 – Katie Dalebout – Journaling to Find Her Authentic Self

Katie Dalebout interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

At 21, Katie was a mess.  She had been struggling with a severe eating disorder throughout college.  She entered an outpatient treatment program to find a way out of the craziness. She connected with a mentor who helped her see what was going on – Katie wasn’t able to feel her feelings, and the disordered Read More

Episode 36 – Andy Hayes – Finding His Life’s Work with Daily Practices

Andy Hayes interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

On one hand, Andy’s life looked great.  He had a great job abroad developing software.  But after two acquisitions, the work environment turned toxic and he knew he had to get out.  He started journaling, and connected with a new vision for his life. He knew he wanted to work at home and spend time Read More

Episode 35 – Cate Stillman – Ayurvedic Habits and Practices

Cate Stillman interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Cate had been working in global change politics in Washington, D.C.  She was called to study natural healing to help people become more awake to their bodies and their ecosystems so they could make better decisions for their own health and the health of the planet. She connected most with yoga and Ayurveda, yoga’s sister Read More

Episode 34 – Catarina Andrade – Practicing Laughter Yoga

Catarina Andrade interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Catarina had been practicing Kundalini yoga and loving it.  It helped her feel more grounded and calm.  But she noticed that it wasn’t helping her feel more energized or joyful.  And while she liked doing the meditation at the end of the Kundalini yoga class, she found it wasn’t something she liked doing on her Read More

Episode 33 – Catherine Just – Practicing with Her Son

Catherine Just interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Catherine Just wanted to be a stay at home mom for her son Max’s first three years of life.  She knew she couldn’t get those years back, and she wanted to be as present as possible. And like most stay at home moms, she cherished naptime, her one chance to spend time alone and get Read More

Episode 32 – Bridget Finklaire – Practice During a Life Transition

Bridget Finkclaire interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Bridget had a regular daily practice for years.  With her professional background in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy healing as well as her devotion to her own spiritual path, she experimented with a wide variety of spiritual practices. She struggled with the effects of an acrimonious divorce and adrenal fatigue.  Then one day, she got an Read More

Episode 31 – Shane Michaels – Finding Peace After Military Service

Shane Michaels interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

In 2004, Shane joined the infantry in the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, Bravo Company.  During the four years he served, he faced many challenging missions, including recovering bodies after Hurricane Katrina, evacuating 10,000 Americans out of Lebanon, and training Iraqi police and Army personnel. Months after his honorable discharge, he was coughing up blood and Read More

Episode 30 – Andrew B. Watt – Blogging about His Daily Practices

Andrew B Watt interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Andrew learned tai chi fifteen years ago.  He learned the whole form thoroughly, but he was busy with his life as a teacher, and he practiced haphazardly for more than a decade. He also started his own website in 1994, blogging on a wide variety of topics that inspired him.  When he committed to practicing Read More

Episode 29 – Tara Leaver – Creativity Rooted in Tai Chi

Tara Leaver interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Tara had lived in London her whole life.  After one especially bad year (a big break-up, depression, and overworking to distract herself from what was happening), she decided to move to the coast and start again. She had always been interested in healing and alternative therapies.  She found a teacher in her new city who Read More

Episode 28 – Amy Scott – 100 Happy Days and Beyond

Amy Scott interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Amy had been seeing various gratitude practices and challenges going around social media.  When a friend started the 100 Happy Days Challenge (take a photo of something that made you happy for 100 days), she was intrigued. She went to the website, and decided to do it.  It felt doable to her.  She was already Read More

Episode 27 – Laurie Hawley – Reconnecting Through Nature

Laurie Hawley interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Laurie went through a series of losses.  She withdrew from the world, isolating herself more and more. She continued to study with many different teachers, but she became more reclusive and isolated. She eventually saw how disconnected she was, from the world around her and from herself.  She drew all on she had studied, and Read More

Episode 26 – Ana Goncalves – The Healing Practice of Gratitude

Ana Goncalves interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Ana was severely depressed as a teenager.  She didn’t believe anyone loved her and that people were just out to get each other.  She felt disconnected and unfulfilled. She found herself writing lists of what she was grateful for.  She focused on what she was grateful for in herself, really allowing herself to savor her Read More

Episode 25 – Peggy Freeh – 6 Insights from the First 24 Interviews

Peggy started Simple Daily Practice Radio as a way to talk about daily practice by having people share their stories of their own daily practices.  After 24 interviews, she wanted to share 6 insights she’s received from these interviews. Here is an overview of the 6 insights.  For more details for each insight, listen to Read More

Episode 24 – Heather Rampolla – Supporting Health with Daily Practice

Heather Rampolla interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Heather Rampolla’s career was taking off.  She was climbing the corporate ladder, getting promotion after promotion, working all the time.  She got married and became a stepmom to two teenage stepdaughters.  And with all this, she was living on coffee and junk food. One night, she fainted when she got up to go to the Read More

Episode 23 – Heather Chauvin – Two Deep Dives Into Daily Practice

Heather Chauvin interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Many people start their daily practice when faced with a personal crisis.  Heather Chauvin’s son was struggling, and even though she was a trained mental health professional, none of the traditional approaches helped. One day at a bookstore, she saw a book on teaching children to meditate.  She bought the book, and started using the Read More

Episode 22 – Alexia Leachman – Finding Her Breakthrough Practices

Alexia Leachman interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

When Alexia was 30, her mother suddenly died of cancer, and her life spun out of control.  She had focused her own life choices around what was best for her mother, and with her mother gone, she lost her center.  She fell down a dark hole and had no idea how to get out. She Read More

Episode 21 – Claire Hayes – The Healing Space of EFT

Claire Hayes interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Claire’s daughter has been a sweet, loving girl, but the combination of hormones, autism and changes in her epilepsy had made her difficult live with, even dangerous. Claire was at the end of her rope, not even sure if she wanted to live. She knew something had to change, but she didn’t know what. A Read More

Episode 20 – Melani Marx – Deepening Her Connection to Herself

Melani Marx interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Melani started writing lists when she was 12. Between being diagnosed with severe scoliosis and entering adolescence, she needed something to feel like she had some control in her life.  That’s how her daily practice began. She gradually shifted from lists to journaling. She would take time for lots of physical movement – swimming, skiing Read More

Episode 19 – Kendra Kantor – Art Journaling for Her Wellness

Kendra Kantor interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Kendra struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as she could remember.  A high school art teacher assigned a weekly art journal as part of her class work.  Kendra wasn’t thrilled with the process.  She didn’t like using other people’s journaling prompts and she felt inhibited knowing she was creating the journal for a Read More

Episode 18 – Anne Hayman – Creating a Spiritual Retreat

Anne Hayman interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Anne has a strong personal daily practice.  She’s been experimenting with different practices since she was a teenager, often without even knowing that was what she was doing. Today, she blends together many practices throughout her day, feeling into what she needs and then choosing a practice to best support herself in the moment. But Read More

Episode 17 – Everett Young – Guitar as a Daily Practice

Everett Young interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Everett had always wanted to be a professional guitarist.  He played the piano professionally, and recorded an album, but there was always the dream of being a guitarist.  His musical career as a pianist stalled out and at the age of 31, he decided to get a Ph.D in political psychology and become a college Read More

Episode 16 – Jesse Gros – Travel as an Intentional Practice

Jesse Gross interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Jesse decided to travel the world for a year.  He wanted freedom and adventure and to get out of his own little world.  Unexpectedly, after a few months, he got bored.  It wasn’t that beautiful fantasy of traveling the world and finding himself.  Instead, he was listless and unfocused. At first, he found some other Read More

Episode 15 – Jen Trulson – Focused on Feeling

Jen Trulson interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Jen started her daily practice by looking at her thoughts every day.  That was interesting for awhile.  Then she learned another practice that focused more on noticing what she was feeling and then choosing how she wanted to feel instead.  This sparked something in her.  She began to focus first on her feelings, and she Read More

Episode 14 – Sharon Alexander – The Evolution of a Yoga Practice

Sharon Alexander interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

In 1990, Sharon and a friend decided to take a yoga class  at the local recreation center.  Sharon was always very physical (skiing, running, biking), and yoga was another interesting physical challenge to explore. She ended up finding so much more than a physical practice.  She studied Anusara yoga when she wanted to explore a Read More

Episode 13 – Stevie Puckett – A Continuous Practice of Intuition

Stevie Puckett interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Stevie was already kind of doing it her whole life.  She would get some unexpected insight and share it.  Lo and behold, it would be right.  She wasn’t trying to connect to her intuition – it just came naturally. Over time, she noticed another part of herself – the one that liked to analyze things Read More

Episode 12 – Megan Potter – The Beauty of a Dynamic Morning Practice

Megan Potter interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Ten years ago, Megan Potter created her own daily morning practice in a very simple way – making a cup of tea, sitting in her favorite chair and watching the birds outside her window.  She was never good at doing the same thing every day, and she used that to her advantage to create the Read More

Episode 11 – Kamali Minter – Practice on the Tantric Path

Kamali Minter interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Kamali was having a hard time connecting with her partner in bed.  She wasn’t getting the intimacy, connection and depth she wanted, and she wasn’t able to find a way through it.  She heard a tantra teacher speak about how tantra embraces everything, including sexuality, and something unlocked in Kamali – she knew this was Read More

Episode 10 – Natanya Lara – Living Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Natanya Lara interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Like most people, Natanya found being a parent challenging.  While she had wonderful intentions for how she wanted to parent her two sons, she would find herself triggered and not able to hold to those intentions.  Add in a major crisis in her marriage, and she wasn’t able to be the present, calm, confident parent Read More

Episode 9 – Michelle Greenman – The Power of Deciding and Doing Every Day

Michelle Greenman interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

It all started with one decision – “I don’t want this anymore.   I won’t let this happen anymore.”  Michelle was a freshman at university.  She kept all sorts of odd hours, hardly ever went out in the sunlight and didn’t eat well.  She had a hard time even getting out of bed every day.  She Read More

Episode 8 – Cara Gubbins – Finding Her Ground

Cara Gubbins interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

When Cara started her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she started a formal daily practice to take care of herself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It started with small things, like taking a vitamin and going for a walk.  Each month, she would evaluate her practices and decide what to keep and what to change. Of Read More

Episode 7 – Laurie Foley – A Practice to Find God

Laurie Foley interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

In June 2013, Laurie Foley was 11 months into her journey with ovarian cancer.  She thought she would have been done with the treatment by then.  She was bored and frustrated with the chemo and surgeries and found that her faith had been challenged by her whole experience.  She describes it as being on a Read More

Episode 6 – Elena Lipson – Practicing Divine Self-Care

Elena Lipson interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Elena has done different daily practices since she was a teen, including exercise, yoga, inspirational reading and eating well. Even with that basis in place, things shifted when she become a mother.  There was this new person to focus her energy on, and she wasn’t clear how to show up as this new version of herself Read More

Episode 5 – Hailey Terrell – Practicing to Get Her Life Back

Hailey Terrell interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Two years ago, at the age of 35, Hailey had a stroke following a cosmetic injection. She was in the hospital for five weeks, and when she was released, she had no idea how much of her former abilities she would be able to recover.  She was sleeping 15 hours a day, and could barely Read More

Episode 4 – Lisa Melli Gillespie – Opening to YES!

Lisa Melli Gillespie 2 interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Lisa was reading a magazine one day.  The editors asked a simple question:  “What was your most unusual goal?”  One answer in particular stuck Lisa – have 101 new experiences in 1001 days.  Something about that just hit her.  She had a busy family life and a career in transition.  But this – this sounded Read More

Episode 3 – Elsie Escobar – The Practices of a Mama, a Yogini and a Modern Digital Jedi

Elsie Esobar interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Elsie is a full time mother of two girls. She is also working to bring her big work into the world: helping people integrate holistic living and technology. She has been providing free yoga classes through her podcast Elsie’s Yoga Class since 2006, and she is a co-host of a podcast about podcasting, The Feed Read More

Episode 2 – Kirk Bowers – Practicing Personal Breakthroughs

Kirk Portrait interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Kirk read the book Talent is Overrated last year, and it changed his life.  He had always believed that he was naturally good at some things (puzzles, problem solving) and not very good at some other things (piano, golf).  What he read changed his perspective forever.  Getting better at an activity depends on practicing in a Read More

Episode 1 – Marie Dotts – Learning to Flow From Center

Marie interview on Simple Daily Practice Podcast

Starting as a teenager, Marie has been on a lifelong journey to answer the questions, “Who and what am I really?” and “How do I flow from that truer center within myself?”  In this interview, she shares how that process has unfolded for her over the years, and how her two current practices support her Read More